Single Source Systems is dedicated to providing Service Management Solutions for over 700 + companies throughout the world. Helping our customers service organizations achieve performance breakthroughs in both customer satisfaction and productivity.

Single Source business consultants, technicians, and programmers have been working with service organizations for over 30 years, and we will strive to help you streamline operations, improve communications, and respond quicker to competitive demands. With Corporate Offices in Indianapolis, Indiana and support organization throughout the world.

We believe that there are many compelling reasons that you should consider Infor and Single Source Systems as your technology partner in the future. With the Infor Service Management solution, Single Source is executing a vision built with Microsoft tools and technologies, and we provide the only mid-level solutions package that is fully .NET compliant. This leading technology will give you the scalability, functionality, and flexibility required for a successful business system. Moreover, Single Source offers a global solution that will facilitate any number of sites and locations and allow you to account for the transactions related to each site accordingly.

Most important, however, is our ability to tailor solutions directly to your needs. Because of our proven success in providing solutions for companies similar to yours, we believe we can learn about your business and your processes and then show you how your requirements will match the strengths of Single Source Systems.

  1. What is your role? Cory Rhodes
    1. President
  2. What products and services does your company provide?
    1. Infor Service Management
    2. Consulting Services
    3. Programming Services
  3. Who does your company serve?
    1. The Single Source team exclusively markets, sells and supports the Infor ERP Solution’s and Technologies designed specifically for service organizations, or service divisions of manufacturing and distribution companies. We are a systems integration and technology consulting firm that provides solutions in the areas of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Asset Management.
  4. Which Fusion products do you sell? POS
  5. How many customers do you have using Fusion?
    1. 1
  6. Who are they?
    1. Atlantic Service Group
  7. How did FusionRMS assist in the selling process? Please explain.
    1. FusionRMS allow Single Source Systems in conjunction with Infor Service Management the ability to provide an End to End business solution geared toward the Parking Industry. Providing a POS solution for the daily parking / valet services aspect within the Parking sector.
  8. How was it different from other relationships you’ve had in selling other products?
    1. Yes, working with the development team of FusionRMS during the sales cycle. We were able to show a personalized Skins to the POS UI that allowed Atlantic Service Group the ability to see the vision of the solution being presented by Single Source Systems.
  9. What are a couple reasons you enjoy selling Fusion to your clients?
    1. Sales Support
    2. A complete, proven POS Solution
  10. How was your experience working with the installation team?
    1. Only having one customer it’s hard to compare but overall the experience has been good in a challenging situation.
  11. Since most resellers do not like selling retail due to weekend and late night hours – about how many support calls involving Fusion did you receive in the last 12 months?
    1. Customer has not gone live yet so – TBD
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