You’re in the business of providing solutions. When companies need the latest piece of technological wizardry, you’re the one they call for help. But there’s one crucial sector who you may not be considering: retail.

From struggling to maintain inventory to properly receiving and shipping packages, small and mid-size retail businesses are in need of a warehouse management software they can trust.

That’s where the Fusion Retail Management System for Acumatica comes in.

Built on the proven Acumatica ERP Framework, FusionRMS for Acumatica is an industry-leading cloud-based retail and warehouse management software that can be used as a console and as an RF handheld solution.

If you think there’s no need for warehouse management software in the retail industry, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Let us explain why.


When a retailer doesn’t have an independent distribution center, its individual locations each become a de facto warehouse, storing essential goods and supplies. Whether there are two stores or twenty, managing inventory visibility across locations is essential for efficient customer service.

Knowing precisely what every store has in stock enables retailers to accurately determine when particular goods need to be reordered or transferred from one location to another, guaranteeing that customers always have access to the merchandise they want.

With FusionRMS for Acumatica, mid-range retailers no longer have to worry about manually monitoring inventory across stores. FusionRMS for Acumatica not only keeps physical counts of inventory and transfer orders, but automatically integrates such data within Acumatica.

Managing inventory has never been so simple.


Due to inefficient distribution methods and technologies, the majority of retailers fill up to 20 percent of all orders imperfectly, according to industry experts. That sort of error rate bodes poorly for customer satisfaction—and for business. What if you could offer retailers a cost effective, fully integrated solution that substantially reduces distribution errors?

The FusionRMS for Acumatica application suite has the power to do just that.

FusionRMS for Acumatica expertly handles all functions central to ensuring that goods are sent to the proper location in the required time-frame.

From tracking purchase orders to managing pick, pack, and ship operations—even integrating with FedEx/UPS/LTL to ensure the lowest rates—FusionRMS for Acumatica is a true end-to-end solution for small to medium-size retail businesses struggling to optimize their back office operations.


FusionRMS for Acumatica isn’t only feature-rich. It’s also extremely easy to use.

Designed for employees with little to no technical skills, FusionRMS for Acumatica is a highly intuitive retail application suite that allows virtually every distribution task imaginable to be completed with the simple click of a button.

The next time you have a retail client looking to unlock the value trapped in their business, offer a real solution. FusionRMS for Acumatica is affordable, mobile, and powerful. It’s the distribution solution your retail clients have been waiting for.

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