What is FusionWMS – Advanced for Acumatica ?

FusionWMS – Core delivered Acumatica functionality to a handheld in the warehouse. Receiving, transfers, picking, shipping, etc. were all brought to the warehouse via a handheld interface. FusionWMS – Advanced adds new functionality to Acumatica and then extends that to the warehouse. Unit of measure barcodes, license plating, warehouse zones and enhanced pick, and, most importantly, item packing (necessary for all international shipments)—all of this and more comes with Advanced.

What are the benefits of FusionWMS – Advanced?

With FusionWMS – Advanced, Acumatica can go toe-to-toe with legacy WMS products costing two or three times as much. In addition, because Advanced is imbedded in Acumatica, there are no duplicate databases, no syncing, and no third-party platforms to support. All updates are in real-time directly into Acumatica.

Who benefits?

Acumatica and FusionWMS – Core meet the needs of most light warehouse environments; however, more complex environments require additional functionality, such the ability to consolidate, move, and ship merchandise via pallets where one scan represents all of the items on the pallet. These functionalities are available in FusionWMS – Advanced. If there is a need to know which items on a shipment are in which packages; a desire to manage inventory by scanning case labels, as well as UPCs; or a desire to maintain a pick/bulk bin warehouse configuration, all of this and more are in FusionWMS – Advanced.

What are the advantages of a fully imbedded WMS system?

From the outset, FusionWMS has always been fully imbedded Acumatica. This level of functionality directly in an ERP system is a game-changer. First, it reduces overhead by eliminating the need for duplicate databases and a separate platform. Second, it increases productivity, since everyone has visibility across all aspects of the enterprise. From order entry to shipping, everyone knows what is going on with the touch of a screen. Third, it lowers operating costs by reducing and automating steps required to purchase orders to receivables.

What’s in the pipeline for Fusion?

Our development plate is very full. Increasingly, resellers and end users are turning to Fusion for custom enhancements around distribution. For the balance of this year, we expect to release the following utilities:

  • Line Item Ship-To – This is the ability to set a separate ship-to for each line of a sales order.
  • Header-Level Reason Codes – This will be a change to the present system, where reason codes are assigned at the line level.
  • Sub Items – Presently, FusionWMS handles Items only.
  • Counter-Sale POS with Kitchen Display – This is perfect for coffee shops, bars, and counter-serve restaurants.
  • Franchise Module – This allows the management of both franchisor and franchisee operations from one platform.
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