3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Have a Gift Card Program

Sure, your small business may have dabbled in special promotions and marketing efforts previously, and you may even give out the occasional gift certificate. That’s great!

But you’re missing out if your company doesn’t offer a dedicated gift card program.

Let’s take a look together at three primary reasons your small business should have a gift card program.

Consumers Value Convenience

Consumers in the 21st century are more “full-speed ahead” than ever before. Convenience reigns over everything, and physical gift cards are quick and easy to use. Plus, e-gift cards further cut back on the time commitment necessary on behalf of your customer. They can be purchased and acquired instantaneously, which is particularly fantastic for holiday shopping seasons.

E-gift cards are also known to bolster customer acquisition. This is because people simply like using them. In fact, recent research indicates e-gift card usage is likely to balloon to $18 billion in the United States by 2018.

Gift Cards Are Better Than Gift Certificates

Don’t conflate the two… gift cards are not gift certificates.

Gift certificates can be easily photocopied and used, resulting in security issues. Because of this, it’s harder to display gift certificates for marketing purposes because of the inherent risk of losing one. Conversely, gift cards—both physical and e-gift—are more secure because they’re worthless until electronically activated by one of your employees. Physical gift cards can be openly displayed and marketed, unlike gift certificates. Additionally, both physical and e-gift cards are often viewed as a more professional alternative to gift certificates, thereby adding value to your small business’s brand.

Two-for-One Customer Acquisition

We mentioned above that gift cards can help bolster customer acquisition and this is most obvious when you consider the “two-for-one” proposition a dedicated gift card program promotes.

Because gift cards usually involve both a gift giver and a gift recipient, you’re potentially reaching two consumers with every gift card sale. Thus, gift card programs are an immense way to drive business awareness in both your local and broader communities.

Fusion Software’s recent merger with OnLoyalty allows us to offer dedicated physical and e-gift card programs to small businesses everywhere.

Discover the immense benefits of our gift card and loyalty program.

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