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Consumers Going Local, Exploring New Retail Despite Pandemic

Consumers going local, exploring new retail despite pandemic

American consumers are supporting small businesses and local retailers and open to trying new retail brands, according to a Vericast survey on consumer behavior.

The survey, which polled 1,000 U.S. adults, revealed 33% are visiting local retailers and hitting new retail options with marketing offers driving the behavior for 28% of shoppers, according to a press release.

Shoppers are also favoring convenience and will continue to use pickup and delivery services even once the COVID-19 pandemic has ebbed.

“The extreme events of the past year led to dramatic shifts in consumer behavior,” Carrie Parker, SVP of marketing at Vericast, said in the release. “People changed the way they live, shop, and consume media, and our research shows that consumers are eager to discover new products and services and are desiring convenience and – above all – savings.”

An additional finding from the survey is that customers are missing the in-store experience. The elements consumers miss most about the in-store experience include browsing/discovering new products (45%), trying on apparel (40%), and testing products in-person (34%)

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