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Gateway Pricing/Hardware Resource (PayGuardian and Authorize.NET)

PayGuardian Cloud (BridgePay)

  • Supports EMV (chip reader), Contactless, Signature Capture, PIN Debit
  • Requires specific hardware:
    • Ingenico iSC250/350
    • Ingenico iPP320/350
    • PAX A80, A60, A920
    • PAX Aries8
    • Ingenico Tetra Lane 3000/7000
  • Refunds
    • Able to perform linked (“from history”) and unlinked (“blind”) returns
    • If the original charge is unsettled and the refund is done through history and to the original card, the original charge will either be voided (if returned in full) or adjusted (if partial); no card swipe necessary
    • If the original charge is settled and refund is done through history, no swipe of the card is necessary and the refund can be partial or full
    • A refund can be performed outside of history (i.e. not pulling up the original transaction in Fusion) which would then expect a card to be swiped
    • A refund that was originally pulled from history could be refunded to an alternate card with a swipe, it is not required to use the original card


For more information please reach out to:

Dan Fox

Office: 317.663.9871


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