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Fusion's Orderpad Helps You Service More
Customers, Faster And Efficiently

Embrace Mobility and Efficiency with Side Ordering and Line Busting!

  • Built for Line Busting – Most owners would love to have a line out the door, but if you can’t get the customer to the counter, nobody wins. Long lines can also discourage potential customers when they see the wait time. Fusion’s OrderPad is the perfect solution. This simple tablet-based app is an ideal extension of your POS, it’s there when you need it, and allows you to service customers anywhere in your store or away in location.
  • Instant Order Entry – A key profitability factor for any store owner is the number of customers that you can turn into a sale. Fusion’s OrderPad helps your staff to work directly with the customer anywhere in the store, saving time, and reducing order errors. Staff can open and close a sale directly in the tablet, or send it to your main POS for fulfilling and payment in line. Using Fusion’s OrderPad also cuts down on order errors because the staff has the most up-to-date inventory in their hands at any time.
  • Effortless Integration with FusionPOS (Point of Sale) – The OrderPad is fully integrated into your Fusion Point of Sale, allowing you to start, update and close a sale order in your tablet while having it also available and accessible in your POS, and vice versa. Fusion’s OrderPad uses a similar interface as your POS, so no training is required to get your team up to speed.
Benefits of Fusion's OrderPad
  • Place orders via an android tablet or phone
  • Adds a mobile aspect to your store
  • Walk around a build order at your retail yard
  • Place orders off-site at client sites

How does Fusion OrderPad work?

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