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Are you tired of compromise?

Fusion Software delivers FusionWMS 8.8 – a new modular approach to warehouse management. Our focus is empowering resellers and delivering targeted solutions addressing the needs of specific markets.


Dollar for dollar, feature for feature, everything you get from Acumatica warehouse management and more with comparable prices. As a reseller, you demo, install and support.  Not only do your clients get more functionality but they have the option to add additional features as budgets and time allow.


Add the ability to create, move and ship with pallets all within Acumatica. Pallet management is critical to enterprise WMS users. FusionWMS – Pallet Management not only adds the ability to create, store and move inventory using pallets but also enhances the picking and packing process. Users may pick directly to a pallet or scan a pallet tag and add the entire pallet to the shipment. If your clients pack after the pick, FusionWMS handles that al well. Pallet labels can be enhanced to meet almost any shipping requirement. Finally, pallets, once packed can be staged for future pick up. Simply scan the pallet tag to confirm shipment and set the invoice date to the ship date.


What if I need to put multiple items in one box and then put that box on a pallet? Or what if I need to pick and construct inner packs then create a master pack. FusionWMS – Multi-Level Packing handles it all from a handheld with add tables or software. Assemble inner packs and build master packs during a pick or after a pick. FusionWMS is even smart enough to know the item count of an inner pack and when you scan the barcode prevent the inner pack from being combined into another inner pack – only into a master pack.


FusionWMS adds many essential features to the pick process. Customers typically order in individual quantities. However, inventory is managed in many different units of measure. Each, trans pack, case, pallet, FusionWMS can automatically construct the optimum pick list to minimize the items to be picked. Further, bulk and individual item storage are often in different places accessed by different pickers. No problem, FusionWMS will automatically split the pick and assign the appropriate items to the appropriate picker. All with no paper. Keeping the pick bins full is also no challenge with the down stock / restock function. Finally, if you want automated pick to cart, stay tuned. No more manual select and assign we will handle it all.

Later this year look for FusionWMS – Ship Manager and FusionWMS – Assembly.  Tired of guessing what items are to be included when you create a shipment? When is the next PO to Arrive? Should I ship this next week complete or part this week and part next.  FusionWMS – Ship Manager takes the guess work out and puts you in control.  Have a single level BOM that needs assembly?  FusionWMS – Assembly manages simple assembly operations all from an easy-to-use handheld interface.  If the question is how many days it takes to make something – you need Acumatica manufacturing.  If the question is how many I can make in a day – you need FusionWMS Assembly.

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