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Gain Customers and keep them Loyal with Fusion Loyalty
More than just digital marketing, the Fusion OnLoyalty platform is a unique suite of promotion, brand management, and customer retention solutions that allow you to manage every stage of the customer journey: from acquiring new customers to tracking of shopping habits; from marketing campaigns to loyalty reward across the channels.


Provides customers the flexibility to store all gift/rewards cards in one place.

Private Label

Provides customers the flexibility to store all gift/rewards cards in one place

Store Locator

Users will always know how to find you, whether at home or on-the-go. This function is integrated with Google Maps.


Keep your customers informed on any new promotion, store, or event.

Customer/Member ID

Gives you greater control over when your patrons make purchases through your establishment.

Gift Card

Gives you greater control over when your patrons make purchases through your establishment

Easy Gift Card Purshasing

Users can effortlessly buy, send, and share gift cards directly through text messaging

Admin Dashboard

The intuitive single dashboard allows you to track your gift card app usage and tweak your marketing strategy appropriately

Simple Card Reloads

Offers easy reload functionality, helping to ensure your patrons never have an excuse not to buy your products

eCard and Physical Gift Card

eCard and physical gift card balances can be painlessly combined, further fostering transactions between you and your customers

Real Time Balance Updates

Your customers will always know just how much they have left, or when it’s time to reload their card and continue making purchases

Available on iOS and Android

Fusion Gift card is a prerequisite for Fusion loyalty application services

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