Product Types fusion January 24, 2023

Fusion Product Types

Our extensions allow you to create and sell bundled products that your buyers can assemble and pre-built kits directly within Acumatica.

Allow customers to build their own bundles

This extension allows you to bundle and sell products to your customers. This type of flexibility will allow your customers to assemble their own bundles according to their needs. You can set rules such as required items and which options are available to build the bundle.

Bundle examples

PC build

They can choose:

  • RAM capacity
  • CPU model
  • Storage capacity

Men's suit

They can choose:

  • Shirt color
  • Tie design
  • Jacket and pants color


They can choose:

  • Burger type
  • Drink type
  • Side type

Sell pre-built kits

A grouped product consists of simple standalone products that are presented as a group. You can offer variations of a single product or group them by season or theme. Presenting a grouped product can create an incentive for customers to purchase additional items. A grouped product provides an easy way to offer variations of a product and list them all on the same page.

Kit examples

Shaving kit

Sports kit

Cookware kit