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Fusion Software offers a suite of applications seamlessly integrated into Quickbooks. These applications simplify and enhance the end-user experience and extend the reach of Quickbooks without affecting core functionality.

Fusion POS is a full-featured point of sale solution for retailers wanting to fully leverage Quickbooks.

What makes FusionPOS different from other points of sale solutions?

Integration eliminates duplicate data entry

  • All items, costumers, and pricing in Quickbooks are automatically shared with FusionPOS. No manual interventions is required.
  • Al transactions from Fusion POS are automatically returned to Quickbooks ERP for final Processing. Users may select the extent of their participation in the final processing as dictated by their internal policies and procedures.

Multiple CRM Levels

  • Fusion POS can maintain individual customer’s transaction history without creating individual customers in Quickbooks. This allows FusionPOS to retail large amounts of customer-centric data critical for análisis of buying patterns and focused marketing efforts independent of the constraints of the ERP.

User-specific interface

  • Fusion POS allows clients to tailor the POS interface to meet their specific requirements.

Lower cost

  • Fusion POS does not consume a Quickbooks license. Register operations do not require a direct connection to Quickbooks ERP, i.e. no Citrix o Terminal Services required.

No downtime

  • Retail stores can run a business even when internet connectivity is not available. This increases reliability and enhanced customer experience.

Phantom Items

  • FusionPOS allows phantom ítems, i.e items which exist in FusionPOS but do not exist in ERP. Phantoms are derivatives of an ERP item. Sales a consumption reported and managed at the ERP stocking unit of measure.
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