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Get advanced retail operations that are easy to use.

FusionPOS™ for Sage X3.

(FusionRMS) is a suite of applications extending the reach of Sage ERP X3 to meet the operational needs of SMB Retail Market. It provides role based user interfaces tailored to each aspect of the business. Regardless of perspective or function; store clerk or manager, FusionRMS is built for speed and ease of use and has served the SAGE channel for over ­fifteen years.

Fusion Point of Sale (FusionPOS)

  • Integrates seamlessly with Sage ERP X3.
  • Allows independent store operations without internet connection.
  • Built-in Loyalty program.
  • Multiple CRM levels keep individual customer transaction history in Fusion, Sage ERP X3, both or neither.
  • Quick, on the ­fly customer setup with client specific required ‑fields.
  • Flexible register types tailored to the client’s environment. Fusion Cash Register (CR) is designed for high volume environments and integrates with Sage ERP X3 inventory and AR. Fusion Customer Service Register (CSR) adds SO integration ideal for hard good retailers requiring future delivery, layaways, etc.
  • User interface accommodates touch screen or keyboard entry.
  • Hardware agnostic – only requires Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Small footprint works well in mobile environments.
  • PCI compliant credit card integration.
PCI Compliance

With all of the security needs of retailers, it is important that you not only secure your network, but you must also establish PCI compliance when processing credit cards. Fusion POS allows for full PCI compliance through its use of the secure gateways PCCharge ™ and PayWare PC ™. Both PCCharge and PayWarePC softwares are PA-DSS 1.2 (Payment Application Data Security Standards) validated gateways that feature many security safeguards and anti-fraud controls. Using Fusion gets you one step closer to PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance by allowing you to safely and securely accept any form of payment, including debit, checks, gift cards, EBT and more. Secure end-to-end payment processing protects your customers, enabling you to perform PC point-of-sale transactions quickly and without an increase in total transaction fees.

Every credit card transaction goes through the same process. Once swiped, the credit/debit card data flows through a gateway to your CC processor. Your processor then communicates with the customer’s bank to either credit or debit funds based on the account. This 3 step process is required with every transaction. For example, when using Sage Payment Solutions, once a card is processed through the ERP it will travel via Sage Exchange (Gateway) to Sage Payment Solutions (Processor) to your Customer’s Merchant/Bank Account.

When processing a credit/debit card through Fusion all transactions follow a similar path. Once a card is processed in Fusion, it will travel via PCCharge and/or PayWare PC (Gateway) to Sage Payment Solutions (Processor) to your Customer’s Merchant/Bank Account. Since there are dozens of gateways on the market, Fusion has partnered with VeriFone, who is the largest in North America to cover the majority of Processors, allowing for streamlined integration across multiple platforms. Many customers are reluctant to change merchant accounts when installing a new Point-of-Sale application, PCC and PWPC allow you to keep your existing merchant accounts and see no interruption in service. You also have peace of mind knowing that if you choose to change in the future, there is a high probability that your new processor and merchant will be supported.

Fusion Advanced Pricing

Fusion Advanced Pricing allows unparalleled flexibility in setting pricing rules. Complementing the Sage ERP X3 pricing engine, Fusion Advanced Pricing provides BOGO (buy one get one free); bundled pricing, event pricing, promotions based on cost, collection pricing, etc. Fusion allows retailers to compete in the world of complex pricing.

Fusion Transaction Card

Fusion TCard extends the concept of a normal gift card to manage purchases, fares, etc. This web based application tracks card balances in real time without fees charged by credit card companies. This proprietary card allows for the purchase or replenishment of a card at any FusionPOS register or via the Internet. Cards can be used for purchases either on account or prepaid at any FusionPOS register.

The web interface allows clients to give their customers the ability to issue cards to their employees.
Web based reporting allows clients and their customers to easily track card usage.

Fusion Field Sales / Service

Fusion’s ease of use and its ability to handle sales and manage inventory remotely without internet connection is ideal for field sales and service. Reps can enter customer orders in the field and then send them to corporate as an Internet connection is available. Service truck inventories can be replenished at will and sold on the spot with signature capture and even credit card processing if conditions allow.

Fusion Scheduler

Fusion Scheduler is a calendar scheduling tool which schedules consumption of time sensitive resources.
With a Microsoft Outlook look and feel, Fusion Scheduler targets salons, ‑field service, delivery and
health care, etc. Fusion Scheduler integrates with Sage ERP X3 assuring accurate costing and client
management. Further transactions can be pushed automatically into FusionPOS with one keystroke to
add additional inventory purchases and complete the sale.

Download Product Sheet – FusionRMS_POSSagex3

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