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Meet the POS system that’ll
turbo-charge your Sage 100 ERP.

Work smarter. Sell more.

FusionPOS for Sage 100 integrates seamlessly with Sage 100 ERP to simplify and enhance your oper-ations, maximizing the power of your marketing, financials and operations.

Good riddance, duplicate entries.

Hello, customized and automatic posting of transactions, items, pricing, and customer info between Sage 100 and your FusionCR cash register. FusionPOS for Sage 100 makes financial reporting, AP and cash management a snap.

Save time

With multiple user-friendly efficiency functions at your fingertips, FusionPOS for Sage 100 saves you time all day long while it also lets you:

  • Keep selling even when the internet is down. All transactions are automatically updated when ser-vice is restored.
  • Synchronize all pricing with Sage 100 for company-wide pricing integrity.
  • Reduce staff training time with a highly user-friendly keyboard or touchscreen interface.
  • Customize your system with the fields you want and need.
  • Eliminate time spent calculating commissions with automatic salesperson management.
  • Simplify complex orders and fulfillments.
  • Sell, refund and exchange – all in the same transaction.
  • Create and add local store promotions from anywhere.
Focus on your customers

With multiple CRM levels, now you can get the customer data that’s critical for buying pattern analysis and marketing, and keep your customer transaction history without having to create individual custom-ers in Sage 100. You can also:

  • Quickly set up and look up multiple customer types and items.
  • Retrieve customer data easily for loyalty or marketing programs.
  • Let your customers make payments on account from the register.
  • Automatically verify returns and exchanges to avoid fraud.
  • Instantly check credit status before processing a sale.
  • Record and track layaway transactions.
Work smarter. Sell more.
  • Easy BOGO, gift cards and appointments scheduling – Sell the way you want with loyalty pro-grams, vendor-based specials, rentals, and scheduling that converts appointments into transac-tions with one key stroke.
  • Rely on highly secure, compliant payment processing – Protect customers, be fully PCI com-pliant, and keep your existing merchant accounts with secure PA-DSS 1.2 validated gateways PCCharge™ and PayWare PC™. Both feature multiple security safeguards and anti-fraud con-trols and allow you to accept debit, checks, gift cards, and EBT.
  • Handle delivery and shipment fulfillment with ease – Whether for accounting, cash or market-ing customers, items are easily flagged as carryout on a POS transaction and Fusion POS au-toposts the shipment and/or the invoice, whatever you prefer.
  • Fusion Café Optional Enhancement – Opt for customized cascading touch screen menus for cafés and sub shops.

What makes FusionPOS different from other point of sale solutions?


More than just digital marketing, the Fusion OnLoyalty platform is a unique suite of promotion, brand management, and customer retention solutions that allow you to manage every stage of the customer journey: from acquiring new customers to tracking of shopping habits; from marketing campaigns to loyalty reward across the channels.

Shopping Cart

With Fusion’s ShoppingCart each physical, brick-and-mortar store you have becomes, in essence, a miniature fulfillment center all its own! Incorporating Fusion’s ShoppingCart as part of your omnichannel strategy allows you to meet this demand and appeal to different kinds of shoppers without alienating anyone.

Order Pad

Fusion’s OrderPad helps retailers service more customers, faster and more efficiently.
Fusion’s OrderPad helps your staff to work directly with the customer anywhere in the store, saving time, and reducing order errors. Staff can open and close a sale directly in the tablet, or send it to your main POS for fulfilling and payment in line.

Gift Card

Fusion Gift Card is an application service that is fully integrated into the
existing Fusion Software POS systems. For business owners looking to strengthen customer relationships, and increase traffic Fusion Gift Card allows funds to be directly deposited into your company’s account, versus other credit card brands, where the processor holds your hard-earned money.

Download Product Sheet – FusionPOSage100

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