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Add Buy Mobile / Pickup In-Store Services and Increase Your Sales!
The Missing Piece In Your Omni-Channel Strategy

In order to compete with eCommerce giants, traditional retailers need to leverage every advantage they’ve got and turn their stores into great strategic assets. With Fusion’s ShoppingCart each physical, brick-and-mortar store you have becomes, in essence, a miniature fulfillment center all its own!

Today’s consumers have grown accustomed to greater and greater choice in how they shop. Whether it’s by physically going to a store to browse and make a purchase in person or by purchasing from the comfort of their homes, customers want the freedom to buy on their own terms.

Incorporating Fusion’s ShoppingCart as part of your omnichannel strategy allows you to meet this demand and appeal to different kinds of shoppers without alienating anyone. Ultimately, this would allow you to capture and retain more sales!

Benefits of Fusion´s Shopping Cart

Pickup In-Store

Convenience and Spontaneity for Your Customers.

Decreased Shipping Time and Costs

Increase Consumer Choice

Increased Impulse Buy Opportunities.

Fewer Returns

Integration with Your Existing Fusion Systems

How does Fusion Shopping Cart work?

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